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7 Travel Essentials to Pack in Your Carry On For Long Flights

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored, however if you purchase something through the links provided I may receive a small commission.

Exhausted, dehydrated and bored. Yes, that sums up a long flight very well. However it is the little things that make all the difference when you are on a long haul flight (especially overnight ones). These are the 7 carry on items that got me through my flight from Calgary to Pairs (that do not involve food)!

  1. Ear-buds: This is a flight MUST. So much so that when I realized at the airport that I had forgotten mine I immediately bought a new pair. Whether it's the newest Apple Air Pods or a generic bluetooth brand, these can be a life saver especially when there is a crying baby on the flight. I usually add a corded pair incase I want to watch some of the in-flight entertainment as the flight screens do not connect to bluetooth yet.

  2. Sleep Mask: Okay, so the flight is going well but you're currently flying over the arctic circle and while it SHOULD be dark ( because it's midnight) it's actually bright out and the annoying person in front of you insists on keeping the shades open. Only a sleep mask is going to save you. It doesn't have to be anything super special, just one that fits around your head comfortably and covers your eyes. My Favourite sleep mask is from Sage Wellness but there are several on Amazon that work well too.

  3. Lip Balm: There is nothing worse than sitting through a long flight with chapped lips that you keep picking at that eventually bleed. That's why it's imperative to bring lip balm with you. My favourite is the un-tinted one from Fresh Beauty, but there are several other companies that make a good product.

  4. Facial Cream: This is only something I started bringing when I turned 30. I always look so haggard after a flight now which only a really good moisturizer or face mask can help. For my last trip I took the Summer Fridays Face Mask -- it's super light weight and feels refreshing when applied. It comes in a small travel sized tube so you don't have to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

  5. Cord Organizer: Let's face it, we have so many chargers and cords and it SUCKS when everything is tangled up. Having a cord organizer allows you to prevent tangles but ALSO can serve a reminder that you may be forgetting one (if its normal space is empty).

  6. Dosette: A lot of people are on medication or supplements. Carrying around the stock bottles or vials is cumbersome while travelling. Investing in a small dosette or pill organizer will help you keep track of your regular medications so they aren't forgotten (on the plane or the rest of the trip). Also, keeping "as needed" medications organized is helpful so you're not searching through bottles for a Tylenol or Gravel during the flight.

  7. Notebook & Pen: Firstly it's COVID so always keep your own pen cause you never know what paper work you're going to have to fill out. Secondly, I always feel super reflective and creative on flights so keeping a notebook with me helps me remember my ideas for later or even simply document my adventures during the trip.

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